Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kill and Eat - Green Bushes

Kill and Eat is a name with which I was completely unfamiliar until fairly recently. They recently released an album on Alright now Records entitled "Green Bushes". I have to say, these guys reminded me why I got into reviewing in the first place. The title track of the album is an amorphous piece of musical beauty. The opening section is reminiscent of elements of Silver Mount Zion and brilliantly displays the use of fragile sounding vocals and warm piano to create a sound that wears its humanity on its sleeve. Further into the track more influences seem to creep into the mix, calling to mind rainy day jazz and quirky pop to mind at times.

The following two tracks, or sketches as they are called, show some real compositional sensibilities and bring to light a few new elements to their sound. Overall this album is a solid step in the right direction for a group of musicians that seems to have a smattering of musical and aesthetic influences. This is one of the most universally appealing albums I've heard in a long time, having bits that almost any listener can take and run with. Beautifully compelling.

9.5/ 10