Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Icuab Drain - You're Uncomfortably Sane

Icuab Drain, another member of the Auris Apothecary family, has released an impressively compelling debut EP that, if nothing else, proves that video game inspired music can be more than a gimmicky show of musical masturbation. The four songs that comprise You're Uncomfortably Sane push the use of the 8-bit palette into new territory. Its like staring at the Mona Lisa everyday for five years before walking to the next room and seeing a sky by Turner for the first time.

The strongest song on this EP is the appropriately titled 8-bit Revelation. This track alone makes the tragically short fifteen minutes of the release worth its weight in gold, driving it to its end. Icuab Drain has set a high bar for anyone who even dreams 8-bit when making music. Gamers beware: you're sound has new masters.



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