Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Helvitica is the Perfume of the City - Swallowing Stars

Helvetica is the Perfume of the City is the new group featuring Phil Todd, Ben Reynolds, Andy Jarvis, and David Hayward. Their new full-length is a collection of live recordings from various performances around England. It is chock-full of beautifully dense drones and almost meditative percussion. The performances are recorded exceptionally well and stand as a powerful statement for the direction of drone music.

Ben Reynolds, who is the most widely recognized musician featured, plays with subtlety and restraint, demonstrating a distinct musical wisdom. However, it becomes apparent in the first track alone that this album is not a "Ben Reynolds Band" album of any sort and that he is playing among musical peers who share similar wisdom in their crafting of the dense textures and timbres in this recording. This album is very strong and is one to pick up if you want to hear the future of drone music.

9/10 more information and ordering at www.labelledamesansmerci.com

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