Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Deep Sea Goes - Épater Le Bourgeois

Its good to see that there are still people that have not succumbed to the last ten years of music and that are still able to record a strain of pure emotion in the form of three minute blitzkrieg-style tracks that make up The Deep Sea Goes new EP. This record is packed with sounds that could have come from any number of groups that are hailed today as punk legends. The parts are simple, the vocals slightly out of tune a good portion of the time, and enough distortion to satiate any Ramones junky.

The overall sound of this album is deliciously lo-fi and the vocals are reminiscent of late nineties hardcore and punk standards. The musicianship on this album shows an authentic disregard for most dynamic levels, but in that disregard they convince the listener of their musical purpose, or lack thereof. This group could have been absolutely praised about ten or fifteen years ago, but today their sound might incline listeners to write off this band as a relic of a genre that has all but died. That would be a serious mistake, as these guys show a real talent for songwriting and a taste for progressiveness that doesn't over power their music. Check these guys out!

8.7/10 more information at www.thedeepseagoes.com

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