Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ed Schrader - The Choir Inside

The night after I saw Teeth Mountain, during the second night of the show I was introduced to the musical anti-virtuoso that is Ed Schrader. Ed approached me and called me out for being a composer immediately. He was a gracious, collected individual that completely reversed my normal role in meeting artists, having been the approchee as opposed to the approacher. Five minutes later I saw this person set up a microphone and prepare for the one-man chaos that was to ensue. Ed's set managed to be compelling and entertaining while he played a humble drum set of a single floor-tom and snare drum and sang lyrics that forced their way into your head as he perpetrated a cacophonous display of determined fervor and raw energy.

After the set, I got to talk to Ed again and he graciously offered me a copy of his album when I mentioned this site. The CD features a whopping twenty-six songs that keep the same raw feeling of his live work, but at the same time demonstrate Ed's approach to various instruments and song forms. Most of the songs on the album are short and out of all of them, only three exceed three minutes. This one-off philosophy and playful attitude that make up this album, as well as the various strange and unique recordings that flesh out the document, come together to create a unique, chaotic brand of music that is truly one of a kind. This collection of songs provides an honest and cynical portrait of the artist and his perception of his place in existence.

The recording quality of the album varies throughout, but is primarily lo-fi to an extent that can be initially frustrating to anyone who has not been introduced through a live show, where Ed flourishes. However the recording fits the music and Ed's vocals are clear in every piece, a feat that is lost on many recordings of much higher fidelity.

8.9/10 more information and ordering at

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