Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Horseback - Impale Golden Horn

Horseback is the solo project of one Jenks Miller from North Carolina. This is his debut recording on Burly Time records. Miller's timing is great in terms of the shift in the acceptance of new music that seems to be taking hold of more scrutinizing listeners across the board. Impale Golden Horn is reminiscent of the work of Eluvium up to his EP "When I live by the Garden and the Sea" while maintaining a musical dialect that is completely his own. Using tranquil shimmering in the opening piece of the album as a springboard, Miller successfully demonstrates a dynamic, thorough sense of compositional patience and developmental restraint.

From Finale, the opener, to the last notes of Blood Fountain, the closing track, Miller maintains a methodical development that is both aesthetically pleasing and very well captured, as the sound of this album maintains a lightness that is easy on the ears while not preventing the dense sound sculptures to flourish. This album was very rewarding to listen to as a whole, presenting the listener with gifts of subtle change at times that are both fulfilling and surprising. Being this his first effort, I am really excited for what this artist will pursue in the future. To use a metaphor, while he is not the first to start speaking this language, he has certainly begun with a vocabulary that is diverse and certainly not typical, even for much more experienced writers. I hope that he keeps up his efforts and look forward to see what Miller will have in store for us in the years to come.

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