Monday, June 8, 2009

The Brown Book - Thirty Nothing

The Brown Book is a name I wasn't familiar with until the band recently contacted me about their album, Thirty Nothing. Based on the press release that they sent along with the album, it seems these guys have been getting a fair amount of press already. This is certainly not undeserved. Going instrumental with a typical band instrumentation is nothing new to music over the last few years, but The Brown Book has brought something unique to the table.

While most instrumental bands attempt to ascend great heights with their music (some with greater success than others), The Brown Book is content to play to their medium in a fairly straightforward way. Walls of fuzzed-out guitars meet drums in a way that might be more expected from band with a vocalist. That being said, this album is happily pretension free. This might be the closest to the punk rock equivalent of the instrumental scene right now in terms of the overall aesthetic of the album. Not overly technical or cinematic, this album is best heard LOUD.

There is something within these seven tracks for just about anyone, at times brutal, at times fairly catchy, great driving music if you like to speed. I'm looking forward to their future output, as the potential here is enticing.

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