Monday, June 29, 2009

The Crux - Now, Ferment

If there is a ruckus being caused in any of the bars within thirty miles of Santa Rosa, California, I would not be surprised to find The Crux at the heart of it. Straightforwardly moving through a wide breadth of song styles centered on a beautiful dark, folk feel, this band doesn't dick around. From the raucous opening track to the surprising final piece, Now, Ferment is a refreshing musical journey.

What stands out the most with this band as opposed to other folk/blues groups that I've encountered lately is the range of feels that they navigate through with apparent ease. Encompassing most of the sonic and stylistic spectrum of modern folk, even closing with an almost GY!BE-esque piece, the group manages to speak all of the dialects of their genre without losing a strong musical cohesion throughout the album. If you like folk or blues by any stretch of the imagination, you will almost certainly find something on this album that strikes a chord in your ears. This is a band to see if they come anywhere near you.

9.0/10 -

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