Monday, January 28, 2008

Fessenden - v1.1

Fessenden has recently put out a full-length album, v1.1 on Other Electricities, a label that evidently has a fine ear for talent and originality. As soon as I was about a minute into the first track, it became immediately obvious that Fessenden is not just another group of jackasses who think that because they can make noise, they are experimental musicians. In fact, this trio has been making quality experimental improvisations and recordings for some time and this new effort is another welcome step forward.

Their Other Electricities debut is a well crafted, intricate collection of musical ideas that beautifully maintains a balance between sonic microsurgery and grand scope. The five compositions that make up this album form a cohesive musical whole while presenting unique, mature ideas that develop into musical microcosms, building intricate aural images that swirl and pool inside your head. This release is not to be missed.

9.5/10 more information at

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