Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dylan Ettinger - Cutters LP

It seems like I have been reviewing a lot of Dylan Ettinger in the last few months and it is to his credit that this has not pissed me off. He seems to be in the throes of one of those overly prolific phases that can make or break a musician. Cutters is Ettinger's first release on vinyl as well as his first album to aim directly at his current home of Bloomington, Indiana and its many two-wheeled inhabitants.

This album is carried along by pulsating synths and vocals that propel Ettinger into a realm reminiscent at times of early Kraftwerk, which works to paint a good portrait of bike riding here in Bloomington. As with a lot of Ettinger's work there is a sense of wonder that captures the freedom of a bicycle in a college town, especially of that first ride after a winter of walking everywhere. This is one of the more developed of Dylan's albums and is good addition to all things Ettinger. If you even vaguely like anything that he has ever done, it would be well worth your time to snag one of the precious few of these available.

The artwork comes from Ruralfaune's Bruno and is a split release between Ruralfaune and Digitalis with a limited run of 150. Dennis Quaid may be able to out ride a semi-truck but Ettinger seems to have won the race.


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