Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Systems Officer - Underslept

Temporary Residence Limited has been aggressively expanding their sonic palette over the last few years and Systems Officer is no exception, sounding more like an inspired mix of Ben Folds and Weezer than another Rob Crow or Explosions in the Sky as one could have expected a few years back. Noting this mix of influences, the album plays out as one might imagine until the eighth track, Sand One, where a more raw style comes out that seems akin to recent Modest Mouse. This surprise adds some welcome depth to the album as a whole that could have just as easily ended the same way it started.

However, the album's biggest weakness is also in this surprise in that it sounds almost a bit too much like Modest Mouse and even shares similar imagery, most strikingly that of a sinking ship. Overall, though this album is a strong debut release for an artist that seems to show much promise for the future.


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