Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dth - I Hope I Can Feel Something Like That Someday

A few days ago, if you had asked me what New Orleans music sounded like I would have probably said that it is almost exclusively some sort of groove oriented jazz or soul perhaps. This belief was viciously knocked on its proverbial ass when I listened to Dth's I Hope I can Feel Something Like That Someday. The five song album, which is available as a free download, plays out like the Books' Lemon of Pink on crack. Dth creates collage music that goes beyond an odd piecemeal construction of an otherwise straightforward song and brings out some of the structural and juxtapositional potential in collage music.

Overall, this album is a short piece of brilliance that deserves some engaging listeners. There are also two well-constructed music videos for tracks on the album, which I will link below.


Album Download:

Music Videos:

Dth's Website:


Lather said...

Rob, this post made me think of Reeks and the Wrecks, who sound like New Orleans funeral jazz that's been heavily reverberated with a groove that makes the corpse dance to its own grave. You can read about it here and there are supposed to be sounds or videos here but I can't get them to work.

In any case I also wanted to point out that this is Ben aka Lather and I've received our (and Circle Bros) cds from mkl yesterday. I've only listened to yours once so far and my roommate was watching tv, but it sounds really cool so far. Maybe it's the space theme combined with drones but it reminds me of My Cat Is An Alien.

Aaaaaand check out my blog where I've started posting live recordings of the shows (so far only local) which I've gone to and recorded over the last couple years. Which I think means...more Dylan. Well, eventually. Not yet. Enjoy it and pass it on.

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