Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ajilvsga - Thorazine to Infinity

Ajilvsga has been very busy lately and is gaining momentum with upcoming releases on Type and Rite as well as a Digitalis Arts and Crafts release. This release just came out on Peasant Magik in a limited edition of seventy-five. For fans of their previous work, this release won't hold too many surprises, but to the new listener Ajilvsga is a surprisingly unique force in the noise scene today.

The two sides contain some harsh, amorphous pieces that owe an equal debt to distortion pedals and Indian Raga. These sludgy drones posses a haunting quality that is lost on much of the noise music going on today. Overall this would be a good addition to the collection of any fan of their previous work, or anyone interested in where the noise scene is going these days.

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