Sunday, October 7, 2007

Prizzy Prizzy Please - s/t

Prizzy Prizzy Please is a mainstay of the Bloomington scene, being one of the most entertaining live acts around the town. Their debut half-length is an album that exceeds most expectations for a local self-release, in fact its surprising that these guys are not signed already. They are well on their way to redefining the fate of punk in to a respectable genre of music again. This is not some poppy, watered-down bullshit, this is finally a legitimate direction for music that has either been repeating itself or whose performers have been listening to too much N*Sync to remember what good music is like.

This album is not just good, its great. There is a scary amount of potential in the music on this disc. I won't be surprised to see these guys doing some really big things in the near future. People have been feeding on all of this ridiculous, unfulfilling music for so long, its about time they have a real meal.

9.5/10 more information at

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