Monday, October 1, 2007

Fantastic Magic - Witch Choir

Fantastic Magic is a group that features some newer names unheard of, but perfectly welcome in the movement that has recently been gaining momentum with the infamous cdr labels and the resurrection of the tape culture from the 90's. On this tape from Abandon Ship Records, Fantastic Magic offers a unique melding of genres that will catch just about any listener by surprise in a very good way. There is a barrage of diversity that is unmatched in recent memory.

The tape starts out with what sounds like children singing, and from there the music explodes with uncountable surprises and developments as both sides go by painfully fast. This is a new development in the type of music most of the contributors normally play. The closest I can get to aptly describing the catchiness and weirdness is that this music is as screwed up as "pop" music could get while still being desirable.

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