Sunday, October 7, 2007

Don't Mess With Texas - Los Dias De Junio

Don't Mess With Texas is NOT a George Bush tribute band, as the name may lead you to conclude. Don't Mess With Texas is a group of fine Croatian musicians with a unique sense of humor. Their latest album "Los Dias De Junio" is a spectacular collection of post-rock masterpieces successfully blending the breadth and scope of GY!BE with the straightforward writing of Don Caballero without sounding generic. The production and recording of the album are very successful as well, with a great bit of attention on the atmospheric sound that makes this band well worth listening to.

Overall this band is definitely worth checking out if you too are suffering from the recent slump in interesting post-rock. These guys are really impressive players and composers and their chemistry as players comes through the recording more than usual. This album is a welcome addition to the post-rock genre and music in general.

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