Sunday, October 7, 2007

Lazarus - Hawk Medicine

Lazarus started out as the solo project from ex-Tarentel member Trevor Montgomery, and has now exploded into a full band and a spectacular new album entitled "Hawk Medicine". After collaborations with The Papercuts and tours with Grizzly Bear, Lazarus has unleashed another album of either greater brilliance than any of his past solo efforts. His expansion to a full band could not have come at a better time, as its been a while since we've heard any new stuff from Trevor, who's been "hiding" on tours with EITS and the Castanets.

The new album is simply breathtaking in its scope and production. Montgomery's voice on this album is simply monumental, its just as likely that you hear these songs coming from mountains as from a person. The entire album is a trip into another man's soul, in fact you feel as if you're parting with a piece of yourself as the album ends. This album is a diamond in the rough, simply trouncing any preconceived notions of the singer-songwriter genre. GET THIS!

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