Monday, October 8, 2007

Sleeping People - Growing

Sleeping People have woken up from a strange dream and recorded their excursion via mathy, instrumental madness that transcends any of their previous work. This album explodes from the very beginning and pretty much refuses to give the listener any option but to follow the band into their dream, which is a good thing. This album is strange without alienating the listener, angular without cutting your ears, and any other clever euphemism I could contrive for avoiding the pitfalls of typical instrumental music.

This album avoids the so-called "sophomore slump" and, in fact, completely obliterates it. The music is mature, driving and damn catchy. The album starts out pulling you along and doesn't let up until Rob Crow shows up randomly and seals the deal on your musical addiction. Check this out if you are ready to wake up.

8.9/10 more information and ordering at

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