Thursday, September 20, 2007

Away With Vega/Husband & Wife - Split EP

Another release from the prolific Indiana indie rock scene features two bands from the southern half of the state, Husband & Wife from Bloomington, and Marion heroes Away With Vega. This one is a bit older, but definitely still worth picking up. The songs featured on this release are some of the best from each band and is either unreleased or a completely unique version to the EP. Away with Vega has two songs, "A Baby Boy Sleeps", originally from their album of the same name, and "Make your Muscles" a track that was originally for their full-length "Recovery". Husband & Wife offers two tracks originally from their album "Operation:Surgery", "Battlecab Dramatica" and "The Irons, New Lion" as well as a cover of Away With Vega's "Aurora and Tithonus".

This release is definitely a solid record and would serve as a great introduction to either band. The bands complement each other in a way that is rather uncommon these days, bearing the musical benefits that bands get from long associations and many nights sharing the stage. The vibe from this record is infectious and will have a spot in your head, replaying a maddening number of times, but really with this music playing in your head, going crazy doesn't sound so bad.

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