Monday, September 24, 2007

Thousands - Skinless/Boneless

Thousands is a self-proclaimed psych-folk supergroup centered around members of LA trio (VxPcC). This release lives up to their claim, building impressively to their already strong catalogue. This tape from Abandon Ship Records features two side-long pieces that demonstrate the versatility of this group in an improvised setting. This is one of the best things these guys have put out so far, its a little bit less free than some of their past work, but the focus is a welcome change.

Both of the pieces on the album are excellent, but "Boneless" is especially compelling with its creepy whistling and distant vocals that permeate the various sounds contained within the music. This album is definitely worth picking up if you've had any exposure to their earlier work or any of the related bands.

8.5/10 more information and ordering at

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