Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Capricorn Wings - Precenc

Capricorn Wings is a duo that falls into the same musical vein as (VxPxC) and The North Sea. They could very easily be lumped into the psych-folk genre and said to be more of the same, but there is some really creative music being made by these two musicians. There is an obvious drone/raga influence that permeates most of side A and a knack for using alternate sources for sounds such as vinyl and microphone feedback. The development of this side of the tape is very well paced and demonstrates a musical patience that is pretty uncommon in western music.

The second side of this tape is much more mystical sounding, and gets to even be a little ominous. The organ textures are extremely effective and add an interesting element to the mechanical sounding drone that dominates the mix as the piece develops. Overall this tape is pretty well recorded and contains some really good material. Definitely worth checking these guys out.

7/10 more information and ordering at abandonshiprecords.com

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