Saturday, September 22, 2007

Stone Burner - ABYDOS

Stone Burner is a collaboration between both members of Agilvsga and Grant Capes from (VxPxC). The result is a very focused collection of music that has been released on Abandon Ship Records. "ABYDOS" features some of the better work of all of those involved, possibly even raising the bar for the oodles of drone tapes out there. This music uses a lot of drone, but luckily the players involved have mastered the art of dynamics, often letting a softer drone highlight a different element in the music.

The tape is exceptionally well planned-out with the more percussion dominant tracks comprising side A and all of the guitar and noise pieces on the other. The recording quality, while not crystal clear the whole time, matches the music very well and complements the tape format as well. This tape is a solid release for any new musical venture, this trio certainly has a way of kicking things off.

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