Thursday, September 20, 2007

Orangeyellowred - Make an Ugly Friend

Orangeyellowred is a singer-songwriter from Marion, Indiana that started his recorded career late last year with the album "Make an Ugly Friend". Listening to this album for the first time, the opening track, "Vacation" will catch pretty much anyone who is used to the dime-a-dozen songwriter rather off-guard. His playing is solid, but his voice is what makes him stand out from most others. His singing style is unique and actually different, which is pretty rare these days. If you make it through the first track, which might be the weakest one on the album, the listening experience becomes very rewarding, the unique sound grows on you in a way only a few records have ever done.

Every song is well written and the album gets better the longer you listen, simply because you forget the weirdness of the voice, actually grow comfortable with it and by the end of the album, you begin to wonder if you always haven't listened to music this way. I cannot stress enough the truly rewarding nature of the listening experience attached to this album. Definitely a great album to pick up if you're not afraid of owning a singer-songwriter album that doesn't sound like another damn Jack Johnson album.

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