Tuesday, September 25, 2007

6Majik9 - Sinister Kindness

6Majik9 is a musical project that comes from the owner of the Music Your Mind Will Love You imprint from Australia and one half of Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood, needless to say, but this record is pretty good and follows an impressive body of previous work. The first side of this tape is very haunting at times but also features the use of random wind instruments and a zither-sounding instrument to open the sound. The music is generally very free and meditative with a clear understanding of the concepts involved.

The creative use of feedback and delayed vocals add a chilling sensation to the music. Interestingly enough, about halfway into the first side, the group brings in some welcome variance with an almost Mars Volta-esque section, followed by more free drones and percussion that plays a big role through the end of the side. The second side is also very well done, but doesn't contain as much interest as the first. The side starts out pretty mellow and develops into a slightly chaotic montage with concentration on very harsh, high frequency sounds.

8.5/10 more information and ordering at abandonshiprecords.com

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