Monday, September 10, 2007

The Dirty Projectors - Rise Above

The Dirty Projectors are a band that recently signed to Dead Oceans, a new label from Bloomington, Indiana. Their new album "Ride Above" drops tomorrow. After a couple of releases on some smaller labels and a ton of touring, this band is starting to make a name for themselves and this album will serve to grab some serious attention in the music world. Their unique blend of spastic guitars and hyped-up group vocals is a sound that is both fun and mind-bending.

About ten seconds into the first track on this album, it becomes apparent that you are listening to something significantly different from the current indie-pop mantra. With a healthy dose of dual guitar interplay and creative percussion, The Dirty Projectors have created a diverse collection of musically engaging songs. It takes quite a songwriter to get polyrhythms and musical lunacy stuck in your head for any extended period of time, but this is exactly what they have accomplished with "Rise Above". this album is bound to be loved by previous fans, and fans of Hella and Animal Collective as well.

8.5/10 More information and ordering at and

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