Monday, July 30, 2007

TheAnti - Tour EP

TheAnti is a duo from Indiana who have been touring and stirring up quite a ruckus with their brand of tight, aggressive rock. Their most recent recorded output is a Tour Ep, which has eleven tracks, technically qualifying it as a full-length but who really cares anyway? Their songwriting is straight forward with an experimental flair that includes the use of the infamous Korg Kaoss Pad. This cd is a collection of diverse material rangeing from noisy jams to acoustic songs sans drums and noise.

Most of these songs are well written with influences from many sources, most notably The Mars Volta. In fact, track 5 could almost be seen as a Mars Volta rip-off, with processed guitars and vocals reminiscient of their sound. Apart from that, however, this album is a solid work of skilled songcraft. This is one band definitely worth checking out.

7/10 You can contact this band at Please do, they could use your support.

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