Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bjerga/Iversen - Electric Tranquilizer

This being my first aural exposure to the prolific Norwegian duo of Bjerga/Iversen, I had no real idea of what to expect apart from reviews and other articles that have popped up recently highlighting them. I must say that I was, on the whole, pretty impressed by their most recent release on Peasant Magik. These two operate within the drone medium utilizing guitars for the bulk of their sounds and creating soundscapes that remain interesting and varied throughout most of both sides.

This cassette has two side-long pieces that vary significantly from each other, possibly due in part to the two year span between the recording dates of each piece. Side A was the more ethereal and enjoyable of the two pieces and aptly demonstrated a clear musical idea which tended to drift along at an indeterminable pace, ebbing and flowing throughout the fifteen minute side it occupies.

Side B however was more mechanical in both tone and tambre choices as well as musical communication and seemed to get a bit monotonous a few minutes into the track. Nevertheless the piece does pick up a little direction and momentum in the second half before coming to a nice, almost glacial halt. Over all I would say that this tape is a nice starting point for anyone not yet exposed to the experimental culture that seems to be growing in Norway right now, and is an interesting portrait of the duo and their progresion over the last few years that would be interesting for fans if their other work.

7/10 This tape may be purchased from www.peasantmagik.net

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