Sunday, July 22, 2007

(VxPxC) - Lizard in the Spring

For anyone that has ever heard anything by (VxPxC), the word 'focused' doesn't usually come into play with a lot of their music. With new material being recorded by this band weekly, this California trio put out a lot of music at a rate that would make most artists' head spin. All of the music is completely improvised and most often falls within the borders of the ever-growing psych-folk genre. Lizard in the Spring however is rich, dense, and even catchy at times. This release could very well change the way this band is viewed by listeners of their other work.

Lizard in the Spring is an unusually throrough album for improvised music. This release also incorporates a heavier amount of vocals than much of their recent work, adding a new aspect to the music that, at times, ties the music together very well. The harmonic and melodic drones that saturate much of the album have a way of fleshing out the the sound of the band that unifies the release and creates a cinematesque sense of space and depth. Other than a few vocal parts that clash with the music occasionally, improvisation has not really sounded this rehearsed in a while. This is an essential addition to any collection of improvised music, and would be a great starting point for listeners not yet prepared to completely abandon the foundations of "normal music".

9.5/10 This release can be ordered from

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