Monday, July 30, 2007

From The Headline - s/t EP

From The Headine is a hard working band from Wisconsin that has been playing shows throughout the Midwest and beyond for some time now. Their debut recording has been a long time in coming, but thankfully it has been well worth the wait. From the Headline is a band that has immense pop appeal while still playing well enough to impress even the most pop-wary music fans.

The songs on this six-track EP are both catchy and refined. Showing influences rangeing from pop to latin, From the Headline have a real talent for writing great songs. With time they could even redeem the often boring pop genre. The album was impeccably recorded and features great production. The packaging of this release is also especially stunning. It features a digipack with an outer sleeve. This unusual configuration works brilliantly to render this release as nice visually as it is aurally. This music is for anyone wishing the radio would play real music.
9/10 Check these guys out at
Also a side note to any label who happens to read this, SIGN THESE GUYS, you won't regret it.

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