Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Music Your Mind Will Love You" blesses us with a new cdr from The Holy See

The Holy See is comprised of Jefre Cantu-Ladesma and Jim Redd of San Fransisco legends Tarentel. My only other exposure to this particular project was on the release "f***ing physics" earlier this year on Foxglove.

In listening to this release, and this band in general, one must enter into it with a certain openness to the harsh soundscape that often surrounds the otherwise accessible musical ideas within. Having to find this state of mind, however, sometimes detracts from the overall musical listening experience.

This release is one track, about thirty-three minutes long and is quite possibly even harsher than the foxglove cdr mentioned earlier. "untitled" is quite possibly the most musically mature material this band has released, though. The sounds chosen and timbres utilized varied and diversified the piece while still operating within the walls of feedback that largely govern their original, albeit brutal, sound. (Brutal is not always bad, especially in this case.)

One of the most pleasing aspects of this album is the inclusion of sounds that recall more contemplative music, with guitars sounding like chimes, and washes of fuzz ridden feedback imitating breezes. The Holy See create a sense of space that seems a contradiction upon first listen, but begins to grow on the listener after a few times. At times it becomes similar to meditating in a sandstorm. In fact if you're not careful you might find yourself almost being soothed by the near-hellish sounds within.

Overall, this release was both interesting and engaging and deserves some more widespread attention. This project is certainly headed in a good direction musically and promises to hold an exciting place in music later down the road.

7/10 this may be purchased from the good people at Music Your Mind Will Love You

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