Monday, July 9, 2007

Peasant Magik cont. (The Latest from Pillars of Heaven)

I'm currently waiting for some new material from several labels that I have been in contact with in regards to this site and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those that have agreed to send material so far.

Right now I have the latest Pillars of Heaven, label owner Salvatore Giorgi's solo project, tape, "Silver Tusks Vol. 1," so I am going to review it.

Just as before, the packaging for this tape shows a lot of effort, and is as asthetically pleasing to the eye as to the ear. The tape begins with a subtle pulsing section that, like any post minimalist music, reminded me of Steve Reich. He executes this well though and the timbres and sound sources chosen for the tape not only flow together but tend to create a bed of sound soft enough to rest many a drone-tired ear. Don't get me wrong, this is drone music, but it is pleasant enough to the ear to nearly attain the soothingness of a lullaby of sorts (albeit a bit strange for most children).

POH sticks to sounds pleasant enough for just about anyone remotely interested in drone music, but threatens to alienate inexperienced listeners at times. Throughout the tape POH demonstrates a sound that is both unique and mature and, if approached similarly in the future, will only get better. His use of shimmering tones coming from what sounds like an organ and guitar make this release an exellent buy for fans of drone, ambient and just people who enjoy spacing out every once in a while.
8/10 This title may be purchased from

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