Friday, July 27, 2007

Pulga - Pulga Loves You

Pulga is the duo formed by Italian Saxophonist Valerio Cosi and Texan musician Niwi (The Mighty Acts of God). This release has been highly anticipated by fans of both of these musicians and has been put out by the impresive Fire Museum Records. The cd starts out with a track that shifts between gentle drone and chaotic jam. The chemistry between these two musicians is made very clear from the outset of the album.
As the cd continues on, their sound begins to take shape and develop into a cyclic pattern between chaos and sublimity. this contiues through until the eighteen minute closer, "Raga Pulga". by far the strongest track on the album bringing together the talent of both musicians as adept muli-instrumentalists and an almost cinematesque build of tension. This track makes the cd worth buying alone, not to mention the other tacks which are also superb. Over all this release would be a more than welcome addition to any collection of instrumental, experimental music. Certain to be an underground legend in the near future.
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