Monday, July 16, 2007

Weather Exposed Skeleton Music - An Axe Through All This

I have to admit that upon recieving this tape from Peasant Magik the name seemed to hint at something much darker and noisier than what was actually contained on the two sides of the cassette in question. I was pleasantly surprised to find an album of songs that were not only well crafted but managed to fill the void between the current trend in improvisational experimental music (which can sometimes be very frustrating to litsten to on a regular basis) and more conventionally thought out music. The guitar melodies and hazy atmospheres that dominate most of this tape are both pleasant to hear and intricate enough to keep the attention of the more demanding listener.

Whether you are looking for a good album to which to space out or music to aurally dissect during a spare half an hour, this tape would be a nice addition to any collection.
8/10 This tape can be ordered from

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