Monday, August 13, 2007

Barn Owl - s/t (Foxglove 158)

Barn Owl is a group with which I'm not too familiar. This is the first recording I've heard from them and I now hope it is not the last. The sound on this album is dense, organic and, at times, strewn with elements of darkness and mystery. Although instrumental psych-folk can often be repetitive, Barn Own do a remarkable job of pulling the listener into their world if six-string mystique.

This CDR is full of compelling guitar work, and it is apparent from the opening track and beyond that the musicians involved have a keen ear for instrumentation and arranging. The work is at time reminiscent of recent work by guitar gurus Mike Tamburo and Matt McDowell, bringing to the table a shared attraction to the power of drones. Cinematic, intimate at times, a must have for the disciples of the new drone mantra.
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