Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dan Marriner - Below the Seas

Dan Marriner is a new name to me, as a listener, and I am clueless as to what he has done in the past. Presently though he has been putting his efforts into a collection of evocative, creative songs that goes beyond the largely contrived nature of the all-but-dead singer-songwriter genre. The deep smoky voice is accompanied by creative guitar and sparse use of other instruments and sounds that usually reserved for for ambient music. The tone of the guitar itself on this album is earthy, organic, and serves to give the music a dense sense of purpose and repose.

The songs contained within Below the Seas are varied and serve well to represent a musician that goes beyond saying what he wants to say and moving on. There seems to be attention to details outside of the voice and guitar that make this album particularly enjoyable. Overall, it is apparent that there is at least one person making up for the tired bullshit that singer-songwriters have been throwing at us for years, and his recompense is more than welcome.

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