Monday, August 13, 2007

Kheta Hotem - Winter Solstice (Foxglove 160)

My first encounter with Kheta Hotem, Winter Solstice, has left me torn between my usually open outlook on music and my annoyance at the number of ideas flying around at random throughout this particular recording. The opening track alone is enough to drive all but the most veteran listener up the wall. With a noise-jazz cacophony rivaling the most crazed modern jazz, this recording still seems to lack any musical direction, leaving most listeners unsatisfied.

The album does improve moderately after the first track but is mostly similar material with varying instrumentation and feels. The last track is the strongest by far sounding like some sort of Native American chant, although it seems to drag on a bit in the end. This release is certainly unique, but it may take a few more tries to get it quite right.
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