Thursday, August 23, 2007

Genghis Tron - Triple Black Diamond Tour EP

Genghis Tron is certainly a horse of a different color. With the inclusion of a sequencer in lieu of a human (which is sadly being done more commonly these days), and a musical precision that is matched by very few in their genre. It becomes very clear from the outset of the record that this band is a musical force to be reckoned with. The live tracks that being the album are so flawless that you being to question whether or not the liner notes are lying.

Following the live tracks are a few compositions and remixes that manifest the band's talent that goes beyond normal rock-band standards. They have produced a set of songs that show a real compositional thought process.

Now, as for the sequencer, normally I would condemn a band for using a sequencer and omitting a drummer but the programming on this album is complex, diverse, and work to achieve a sound that a real drum set cannot always deliver. Their taste for sounds on this ep is impeccable and makes up for their lack of sticks in the back.

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