Saturday, August 25, 2007

Nathamuni Brothers - Madras 1974

The Nathanumi Brothers were a pair of performers in the classical Indian music tradition that switched from the original clarinets of the country to the E flat Albert, or western standard clarinet. This document is a truly unique collection of music that demonstrates the magic that can occur when different musical cultures draw on each other. The band consists of the clarinetists, a brass section and a superb percussion section. The drum work on this album is simply breathtaking at times, providing a wealth of musical momentum upon which the group surely drew.

Musically, the most rewarding part of the album is the interplay between all of the instruments. The virtuoso performances from the players do not overshadow the value this ensemble had as a collective unit. The only problem with this document is that the songs chosen may sound repetitive to the first-time listener of Indian Music.
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