Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Prints - s/t

Hailing from LA, Prints is a pop duo that has sprung up seemingly from nowhere and released a brilliantly fun and even a little but absurd album on Temporary Residence, one of my personal favorite labels. At its core the music on this album, while structurally creative and sophisticated, is born from the beauty of simplicity. As a result, the songs on this album are not only dangerously catchy, but just plain fun without the day-care, sing-songy bullshit.

The feel of the album is lighthearted enough to crack even the most obstinate anti-pop music lovers out there. In all likelihood, if your idea of fun involves something other than violence then you will probably enjoy this album to at least a moderate degree. The vocals are fun, the lyrics are quirky, and the interplay between the musicians both instrumentally and vocally is superb.

Temporary Residence seems to have it out to rebuild the long lost establishment of when there was real music that could play on a radio. Prints and label-mate Rob Crow could serve to reclaim a genre that has been long lost to out generation.

9.5/10 More information and ordering at

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