Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bilk - This Bilk is Radioactive

Bilk is a Croatian band that recently released their debut full-length on the impressive Moonlee Records. This album is nothing short of phenomenal. The production is impeccable, the cd having been recorded at the renown Kozmo Studio. The drums on this release bear a great resemblance to the sound from The Jazz Mandolin Project's "Jungle Tango", and the overall velocity of the music is similar as well. From the opening synth line to the closing drum hit, this album is alive with electro-rock vigor.

With moments as diverse as any album in the last few years, this trio goes through genres ranging from electronica, to jazz, even some dub reggae moments, then they turn those genres on their heads blazing through them with driving beats and assertive synthesizer and guitar work. For a debut, Bilk will surely be turning some heads in the near future as this album features a musical maturity that is not easily ignored. This could be the new standard for European bands to look to.
9.8/10 More information and ordering at and

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