Friday, August 17, 2007

Graf Orlock - Destination Time Tomorrow

After a solid performance at this year's Dudefest in Indianapolis, I was excited to hear what Graf Orlock put together for their latest album. This album opens with the first of many (perhaps too many) movie samples. The following music, though, is focused, propulsive and features excellent musical control. They are especially effective in the use of dual vocalists, with their respective parts meshing well.

Over all, the music has some thrash and grind tendencies with out getting so out of control as to lose the musical integrity. The production is lacking in parts and sounds generic for much of the album. This band certainly has a lot going on, and is likely to do well in the future. My personal favorite part is the final track featuring a cover of the Jurassic Park theme.
8/10 More information and ordering at

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