Monday, August 27, 2007

Grails - Burning off Impurities

If you take a look at the TRL website, you'll see that Jeremy DeVine says that this album brings the first real change to their genre in ten years. Seeing as Jeremy has been one of the biggest supporters of instrumental music, that is one huge claim to back up. After listening to this album a few times and being absolutely astounded, I'm starting to agree with him. Grails' latest, Burning off Impurities, is a downright masterpiece.

The textures utilized and the feelings that the music evokes are deep, subtle, and gargantuan in scope. This band may have finally succeeded GY!BE as a legitimate face and leader for the future of the "post-rock" genre. This album goes way beyond the music that has been coming out lately though, bringing subtle changes, dense drones, and ethnic complexity in the mix Grails has formed something truly phenomenal. Bringing sounds that have been hidden deep in dusty basements for years to the public view at last.
9.7/10 More information and ordering at

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